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Safety Courses with Mt Hood Backcountry Ski & Avalanche Institute

by Pepi Gerald on November 22, 2019

Are you ready for the back and side country this season? 

The snow season is coming and it is time to get Snow Smart before venturing to un-groomed territory!  We work with Mt Hood Backcountry Ski & Avalanche Institute for many of the upcoming Avalanche and Safety awareness clinics that are coming up. 

Limited spots are available so sign up quick by clicking here!

For those who have already booked, before taking your avalanche course with Mt. Hood Backcountry Ski & Avalanche Institute you are required to bring the following items!  Check out the list on the Mt Hood Backcountry website as well as read below.

SAFETY GEAR: Mandatory for course, the student must provide the following Safety Equipment - Avalanche Transceiver, Avalanche Shovel, and Probe. 

For an easy to grab package, we offer the BCA Package which includes the Tracker 2, Probe and Shovel.

If you would like to customize you package, we offer various options. 

Avalanche Transceiver: We offer several options of Transceivers by BCA and Black Diamond.


Avalanche Shovel: Compact, lightweight, metal blade are preferred. These options would suit you. 

Probe: Dedicated avalanche probe only, ski poles do not suffice.


Snow Study Accessories

Optional but not mandatory, these items will be used in the field and will help build your foundation of snow safety and knowledge in back and side country environments. 


Avalanche Packs

Although not mandatory, there are discussions about the value of an Avalanche to add additional safety and piece of mind to your current avalanche safety knowledge and foundation.  It is not a substitute for taking Avalanche Safety Courses.