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(541) 386-4464

Welcome to Pure Stoke!

We have been in business for 34 years – you may be familiar with us by our former name, 2nd Wind Sports!

Pure Stoke has the SAME OWNERS, the SAME GREAT IN-STORE CONSIGNMENT PROGRAM, the SAME PLEDGE TO EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, the SAME 4-SEASON GORGE SPORTS OUTFITTER, and is in the SAME LOCATION! So, why did we change our name if everything is essentially the same? We changed our name because we have outgrown our former name of 2nd Wind Sports! We are so much more than what comes to mind when you think of 2nd Wind Sports.

2nd Wind Sports has evolved over the last 34 years into a 4-season premium outdoor retailer, equipping you with not just gear for the wind and not just 2nd hand gear. 

In the summer we feature everything you need for kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, camping, hiking and skateboarding as well as all the local knowledge plus hands-on gear knowledge that you want to know!

In the winter we turn our attention to downhill skiing, cross-country and skate skiing as well as snowboarding and back-country accessing gear with avalanche safety equipment, winter camping gear, snowshoes, and all the books.  

We will always DO WHAT WE LOVE, SELL WHAT WE USE, AND DO THE RESEARCH FOR YOU! Why would you want to go anywhere else?

We have been selling Pure Stoke for 34 years. At long last it’s not just what the locals know about us, we are letting EVERYONE know who we really are!


Pepi Gerald, Co-Owner. 
An experienced kiteboarder, windsurfer, skier, snowboarder, outdoorsman and surfer/SUP’er, Pepi brings a wealth of experience to Pure Stoke from his 20+ years of marketing and sales experience in the wind, water and snow sports manufacturing industries.  With work, family, too many backyard projects, and work (seems like it is what he is always doing)again, Pepi's play time is usually limited but hard earned.  If you happen to see him running through the parking lot at the Event Site or on the mountain, you can be sure he is squeezing out a kite session or mountain mission between work and family obligations.

Erica Gerald, Co-Owner. 
Erica enjoys spontaneous adventures more than anything!  Dropping everything and running out the door is her kind of thing.  When she can't just take off Erica enjoys running, SUP'ing, hiking, camping, sailing, Alpine, Nordic and Skate skiing as well as snowboarding. Regardless of new or old favorites, Erica does most of her activities alongside her kids so she's learned what it takes to get and keep the kiddos excited about getting outside. Erica has a background in Biology and Wetland Restoration.  It is due to this experience and appreciation for the raw environment that Erica is strongly committed to our Consignment Program and offering parts for extending the life of gear whenever possible. When Erica is not enjoying the outdoors or running around with the kids, she is busy working behind the scenes of Pure Stoke.


Sherri Fisher.
Our inventory, administrative and 'do anything and everything' person at Pure Stoke.  Sherri does it all, whether invoicing inventorying, welcoming, answering the phone, keeping staff in line, or making sure you are getting the right service with the right answers, she is on top of it. Sheri's wingman/husband, Steve, is also one of our amazing shop helpers fulfilling his role as local Kite Ambassador for Ozone Kites, and a professor of stoke when skiing on the slopes at Mt Hood Meadows.  We are fortunate to have people like Sherri and Steve as an extension of our shop staff/family.  If' you ever came into the shop and Sherri was on duty, you most definitely met her via her happier than life welcome greeting the second you step in through the front door.  Her welcome is unmistakable.


Payton Bunch.  
Kiter, SUPer, Nordic Skier and Alpine Skier Grom.  Payton comes from a local family of athletes and outdoor activity thrill seekers, growing up in Hood River hiking/skiing on Mt Hood, and Kiting/SUPing on the Columbia River Gorge.  Being knowledgeable and aware of what gear will help enhance your water or snow experience and expand your skill levels is what Payton is great.


Marc Schmid.
Marc has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 16 years from both retail and brand side.  When he isn’t running our website and digital marketing or working on the floor, he is kiting, climbing, hiking, snowboarding or biking among other things! He has spent over 12 years living and riding in some of the best locations around the world.  Now he calls Hood River home because he recognizes how amazing this place for outdoor enthusiasts. Got a kite question? He will answer it.


Katie Lohr.
Alpine Skier/Bootfitter, SUP Specialist, Camper, Traveler and Newby Kiteboarder Grom.  Katie's a locally raised grom who has been skiing and sailing since her feet first hit the ground as a kid.  Skiing and SUPing are Katies true specialties, with her having spent more than have her life ski racing and a good number of seasons SUPracing on the local JET Youth SUP Racing team/program.   If you need help with any sort of ski or boot questions, or choosing the right SUP for your recreational or performance needs, Katie is our gal for getting you dialed in correctly.

Miyuki Gerald.
Miyuki literally lives and breathes Pure Stoke.  Growing up with us, she has learned to do it all in the shop.  Miyuki is a regular assistant buyer, attends tradeshows, and influences shop trends.  She favors camping, stand-up paddleboarding, classic and skate skiing. She's a year-round employee so come on by and say, "Hi!

Seamus McMorrow.
Hailing originally from Maine, Seamus come to the Columbia River Gorge in 2014. He comes from a background of Nordic racing, backcountry skiing and mountaineering. At the shop, he has a huge wealth of skiing knowledge and usually be found at the tuning bench sharpening edges and waxing bases. When there is no snow to ski on, Seamus is usually kayaking and rafting on some of our local Columbia Gorge rivers.

JP Huber.  
Freeski competitior, Kiteboarder, SUPer, Surfer, Hiker and All Around Outdoorsman.  Growing up in the Gorge as a summer local with his family, JP followed his family's passions for Gorge winds in the summer and Utah snow in the winter. Another family trait the JP inherited was sports retail knowledge and education, growing up in a family ski business based out of Alta Utah. Kiting or SUPing in the Gorge, Skiing at Hood or Alta, Camping or Surfing along Coast of Vancouver Island, JP is at happy and at home in many places.  We were stoked to have JP join the Pure Stoke Family in the Summer of 2019.