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Which snowshoe is right for you?

by Marc Schmid on November 16, 2019

Just for fun or looking to get out into the backcountry, snowshoes are a perfect way to explore deeper snow and your surrounding areas.  The great thing about snowshoeing is that it can be done anywhere with little amount of extra equipment! The new MSR Snowshoe range gives a huge offering but which is the right one for you?
Well it really comes down to your surroundings and what you want to do with your Snowshoes. We have broken it down into 3 types:  Trail, All Mountain and Ascent.

Trail: Flat Land...Like a walk, only with snow. 
Behind the house? Around the lake? These would be the choices for you.  Just like a stroll in the park.

We recommend the MSR Evo Trail because it is one of the lighter (3 lbs 9 oz) and robust options to get you around mellow trail terrain.  The overall deck area gives good float for moderate to packed conditions while there is enough traction to handle flat and rolling hills with heavy duty crampons.
All Mountain: Zig Zaggin' and all-around fun! 
Do you want to explore your favorite paths in a winter wonderland? Then this would be the category you are looking for.  Maybe there’s some aggressive elevated sections but for the most part, its pretty steady climbs and clean trails for this selection!

Our recommendations are the MSR Lightning Explore and Revo Explore
Far more aggressive in traction, both the MSR Lightning Explore and Revo Explore feature heavy duty crampon settings allowing for users to hike through backyards or climb up their favorite backcountry trail.  These also feature televators that allow your heals to be lifted higher allowing for easier and more comfortable uphill hiking. 

What you will notice immediately is that the Lightning Explore is far lighter (3 lbs 14 oz) compared to the Revo Explore (4 lbs 5 oz) because of its overall deck and binding construction.

If you are looking for the lightest model to get you around the mountain, stick to the Lightning Explore.  If you are looking for more of a durable All Mountain snowshoe, we recommend the Revo because of its molded deck. 

Going Up - For those looking to get vertical!
You mission is to get to the top so you can go down. Sounds fun, right? Well, it’s crucial to find that right option to get you up quickly and comfortably so you can spend more time on the turns going down.

Our recommendation for full on assaults around Mount Hood or the likes would be the MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoes

As for poles, there is a huge selection of adjustable poles that will allow you to have flexibility in various terrain. Click here to check out our selection!
*We recommend the use of a stiff hiking boot or snowboard boot when using these type of snowshoes.